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Shade, Louis, Danny & Natalie appreciation post

So- I’ve got time off for my birthday, and although I am filling that time with seeing some of my favourite people, I also am feeling a bit sentimental! So get ready for the soppiest of soppy writings from myself. 

We can also blame Ed Sheeran for what is about to go down.

Don’t get me wrong, I have some pretty lovely friends, but you four really are something else. 

Shads, I would have left Republic a loooooooong time before I did if it hadn’t been for you. You were like my rock throughout the rough times of Republic, and you made work fun, and now, you’re an awesome Mom and you are still just one of the best friends ever. I love our conversations about belly buttons, jewellery stands and my general ditziness, I’m going to say your welcome in advance for the influence I have on Kyle, and I should probably apologise in the same breath… I love you.

Lou-bug! Our heart to hearts, lovely lunches and your general fabulousness makes me adore you huge amounts any way, but through shitty times you’ve always been at the end of the phone- I even love you when you send me to the bar in Maxwells and ask me to ask the barman for a ‘Quick Fuck’ cheeky git. I miss you and need more of you in my life. We need to throw shapes soon, and I also request your presence at a lunch with the lovely Shads soon! Thanks for everything.  Stay gorgeous Mr! Love you!

Daniel. Yeah I decided on that. Roll with it. When I first met you, you were annoyingly shy, sozzzzzzz about making you fabulous. You are the most annoying, lanky and grumpy person I’ve ever met, however. You’re also an absolute gem, and I cannot believe that we’ve ended up such good friends, I’d have been pretty lost without you in the past year, thanks for changing my wallpaper on my computer when my ex boyfriends are being dicks, for bringing me kinder eggs when I’m sad and sending me hilarious emails preventing me from doing any work. Also the biggest thank you to you and Natalie for surprising me on my last day in the NHS, I know to you two, it was just a funny little surprise, but it meant the world to me and it still makes me cry now, that you two would organise that for me, you’re both insanely awesome, love you D-dizzle. 

Fazza! As I’ve mentioned in Danny’s section (he’s always involved in other people’s business, right!) ;) You’re awesome at surprises, thanks for being there for me throughout the tears, giggle fits, tantrums, sassiness, and break downs, you’re one hell of a friend, and I absolutely adore you and your gorgeous family. 

It’s not often you get blessed with such amazing friends, but these four really make me a happy little doll. 

Ps, Shads, BELLY BUTTONS. Louis, you give the best pep talks. Danny, PT INFORMED. Fazza, U FABULOUS. xo


Me after summer break. 


Me after summer break. 

even if i fucking hate you i won’t send you anon hate because my parents didn’t raise me in the jungle